It’s all about texture. Nothing warms up a room more than plush, rich textiles. They immediately ground a space and instill a cozy vibe. 

The name Cartier instills a feeling of quality and luxury. Cartier is rooted in velvet’s history. Strié velvets have been around for centuries, revered for their quality, elegance, and traditional appearance. Recently strié velvets have evolved to become an essential element in modern and transitional spaces.  

Whiskey is an artisanal chenille upholstery fabric. Intricate, subtle but effective details were applied when developing this striking texture. The designer balanced rich chenille yarns with a combination of weaves and textures to achieve this “new” classic. 

IN SESSION COLLECTION | color inspiration

In Session embodies the quintessential markers of the early 1920s.  Jazz & Art Deco design. The arrangement, a 4-pattern collection inspired by the polyrhythms and improvisations found in their jazz legend namesakes, Calloway, Ellington, Simone and Winehouse. We combined these influences with early 20th-century interiors that were epitomized by rich colors, plush textures and bold design elements.  We wanted these patterns to be infused with history and culture and confidently move them into the modern spaces of our time.

To round out this collection we incorporated complementary textures, Soho, Prima & Whiskey

Ellington is loosely inspired by the Dutch painter Mondrian in his Modernist style of the late 19th & early 20th centuries. This pattern has the perfect balance of shape & color.

Winehouse exudes classic Art Deco design elements, heavy geometric influence, triangular shapes and smooth straight lines. Winehouse, and it is available in 5 distinct colorways.

In contrast to the sharp lines of the Modernist period and distinct Art Deco design elements, Calloway opens the door to a new organic, nature-inspired design direction. It’s softer lines and flowing all over design are detailed by a subtly printed rustic background that enhances the loosely drawn florals.

Shifting directions to a more elaborate organic form and the Art Nouveau movement, Pattern Simone, inspired by William Morris’s classic style, is a striking, climbing, large scale floral. It has the distinct overall feel of an authentic woven tapestry or hand-carved block print design. 




Carraway & Crinkle

Luxurious Shimmer Satin. Carraway is a beautiful high-quality satin. Its substantial weight contributes to its exquisite drapeability, refined upholstery pieces, and elegant bedding ensembles.

Crinkle is a fluid, soft textured “diamond” hammered satin. Luminous pale neutrals to saturated rich hues reflect light and transform, creating beautiful shapes and silhouettes.


LUXE Collection | color inspiration

Luxe is a statement collection. A contrast to the natural fabrics and colors that are ever-present and growing category in the home décor realm. But Luxe has its place. Pearlized and metallic finishes, luxurious textures, and intricate weaves complement velvet and silk’s richness, both important and growing categories moving into next year. C.I. Luxe is a comprehensive collection of unique cut velvets and foil printed designs on varying textures; pucker jacquards, knit velvet, and linen weaves.

C.I. Luxe gives you permission to be creative. Be innovative & start a conversation!

The C.I. Luxe collection includes 14 unique patterns. End-uses are dependent on pattern and range from upholstery, drapery, bedding, and accessories; refer to your sample book or for more information.

ESSENCE Collection | color inspiration

Essence is a collection of strié jacquards, 100% cotton tropical and botanical prints, a new burnout sheer (Regatta) & to complement and enhance this collection we have re-sampled Palazzo from Tuscany and Lane from Abbey Road.

C.I. Essence is inspired by nature and colored accordingly; enhanced with muted shades of pink and aqua or infused some vibrant corals, palm greens and shades of blue.

A curated portfolio of tropical-inspired prints was added to accentuate the strié jacquards featured in the C.I. Essence Collection. These beautifully drawn designs highlight palm fronds, tropical flowers, foliage, and exotic birds. Colors are sanded and rich, dramatic but not overpowering.

Prints are suitable for drapery, upholstery, bedding and accessories . Sheers are suitable for drapery only


The desire for warm textures and plush fabrics will continue well into 2022. Velvets, faux furs & bouclés are still very much in demand, but as this trend evolves, suedes and faux suedes will grow in importance. This faux suede has an appealing soft hand and warm vibe, and its subtle tacking emulates an authentic natural suede. Toledo is manufactured under strict environmental guidelines. To further enhance Toledo’s properties, we have added it to our FibreGuard family. Every FibreGuard fabric is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which states that these fabrics are safe for people, pets, and our environment. These fabrics do not release any harmful chemicals, period. Cleaning FibreGuard fabrics is simple; clean water and household soap, then blot dry, that’s it.

Life made easy

Toledo has a non-woven acrylic backing and passes 30,000 DRs. Toledo is the perfect fabric solution for family rooms or dens, dining room chairs, ottomans, and headboards.