Adapt, Pivot & Succeed.

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“Now is a time for resilience and ingenuity. Many of us must now adapt, pivot, and find new ways to grow.” – by Felix Thea Shopify Masters

The COVID-19 Pandemic is challenging businesses like never before, without a clear vision of when we will go back to “normal.” But let’s face it; this is probably not the first time that you and your business have faced uncertainty. As a business owner, you deal with each one of these challenges as they surface, by adapting and pivoting. You learn and move forward.

Now is the time to reflect on where your business was, evaluate where it is today and develop growth ideas for tomorrow.

How can your business pivot and adapt to these new times? Creative thinking and problem solving will answer these questions.

For example, if your business is a drapery workroom struggling to get new business due to our quarantine scenario, here are some ideas to inspire, adapt and pivot your current business model.
• Work on your brand. Develop a collection of semi-custom drapery treatments, cushions & bedding that you can sell online.
• Sell your products through Facebook or Instagram. If you already have a website, add an e-commerce application.
• Grow your email list by offering downloadable content. Create a PDF on how to select fabrics, drapery panel styles, etc.
• Create A How-To Video series. Example: how to measure, sew, finish and detail your drapery panels for those who would like to start a DIY project. Share your work via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube. Make sure to get something in return, at the least, an email address!
• Teach online. Platforms like Skillshare will pay you every time someone takes your class; this will also create an ongoing passive income that will continue even after the Pandemic is over!

Interior designers and decorators can offer the services mentioned above; but here are a few additional ideas:
• Host an Instagram live question and answer session or sessions. Selecting paint colors is hard. Share your favourites, tips for choosing a great color and the reasons why some colors work, and others don’t.
• Start a mentoring program or a Masterclass. Depending on your experience level, offer this service in return for an email address or charge a modest fee. A mentoring program or Masterclass can be set up once and can become evergreen content that will offer a nice passive income now and in the future.
• Create downloadable PDFs or video content; “Share Your Knowledge.” Here are a few ideas to get you started:
◦ Indoor paint colors, how to develop a palette
◦ Selecting outdoor paint colors for a cohesive look
◦ Furniture placement “rules”.
◦ How to style a sofa with pillows, shelves with books and objets d’art, and styling a master bed like a pro.
◦ Tips for maintaining a beautiful home.
◦ The home décor industry is a fashion industry. Share your daily makeup and fashion routines.
◦ How do you keep your home? Is it casual, or do you maintain a “magazine” style living space – how and why?
◦ You run your business, share your industry-specific business knowledge & strategies.
◦ You source products and services, share your process. How do you keep track of these products and services – apps or industry-specific programs?

Look for other alternative ways to grow your business. For example, if you specialize in custom drapery treatments, cushions and, bedding. Think about partnering with a retail décor store that would complement your business. You can promote their products online and on your social media platforms and, in return, they can support you by adding your service and details to their online store. Now you have developed a relationship, and you can grow this partnership when stores re-open by displaying your products/service in their brick and mortar location & vice versa.

The idea is also to keep your company top of mind, build relationships and a side income.

The possibilities are endless, it just takes a little thought, a constructive pivot and, you’ll get through this, maybe even a bit better/stronger than when it all started.

Think creatively and stay healthy!
Allison, Creative Director @ Alendel Fabrics

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