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Empire Voile

100B1322 White100B1322 White100B1322 White101B1322 Winter White101B1322 Winter White101B1322 Winter White102B1322 Marble102B1322 Marble102B1322 Marble103B1322 Ivory103B1322 Ivory103B1322 Ivory202B1322 Light Taupe202B1322 Light Taupe202B1322 Light Taupe203B1322 Champagne203B1322 Champagne203B1322 Champagne206B1322 Almond206B1322 Almond206B1322 Almond211B1322 Barley211B1322 Barley211B1322 Barley252B1322 Cream252B1322 Cream252B1322 Cream327B1322 Caraway327B1322 Caraway327B1322 Caraway339B1322 Coffee339B1322 Coffee339B1322 Coffee373B1322 Mocha373B1322 Mocha373B1322 Mocha397B1322 Sequoia397B1322 Sequoia397B1322 Sequoia403B1322 Argent403B1322 Argent403B1322 Argent421B1322 Chrome421B1322 Chrome421B1322 Chrome451B1322 Black451B1322 Black451B1322 Black501B1322 Amarillo501B1322 Amarillo501B1322 Amarillo517B1322 Gold517B1322 Gold517B1322 Gold546B1322 Sunshine546B1322 Sunshine546B1322 Sunshine555B1322 Carrot555B1322 Carrot555B1322 Carrot574B1322 Sienna574B1322 Sienna574B1322 Sienna603B1322 Burgundy603B1322 Burgundy603B1322 Burgundy672B1322 Pink672B1322 Pink672B1322 Pink813B1322 Baltic813B1322 Baltic813B1322 Baltic867B1322 Navy867B1322 Navy867B1322 Navy893B1322 Spray893B1322 Spray893B1322 Spray906B1322 Asparagus906B1322 Asparagus906B1322 Asparagus912B1322 Celery912B1322 Celery912B1322 Celery963B1322 Moss963B1322 Moss963B1322 Moss1044B1322 Coconut Milk1044B1322 Coconut Milk1044B1322 Coconut Milk1056B1322 Pearl Lily1056B1322 Pearl Lily1056B1322 Pearl Lily2023B1322 Sand2023B1322 Sand2023B1322 Sand2049B1322 Taupe2049B1322 Taupe2049B1322 Taupe2131B1322 Nude Cream2131B1322 Nude Cream2131B1322 Nude Cream3007B1322 Tobacco3007B1322 Tobacco3007B1322 Tobacco3012B1322 Walnut3012B1322 Walnut3012B1322 Walnut3040B1322 Bittersweet Coco3040B1322 Bittersweet Coco3040B1322 Bittersweet Coco3042B1322 Brown Sugar3042B1322 Brown Sugar3042B1322 Brown Sugar3051B1322 Cocoa Brown3051B1322 Cocoa Brown3051B1322 Cocoa Brown3067B1322 Dusty Mountain3067B1322 Dusty Mountain3067B1322 Dusty Mountain3078B1322 Mountain Ash3078B1322 Mountain Ash3078B1322 Mountain Ash3086B1322 Reindeer Fur3086B1322 Reindeer Fur3086B1322 Reindeer Fur4017B1322 Limestone4017B1322 Limestone4017B1322 Limestone4019B1322 Mercury4019B1322 Mercury4019B1322 Mercury4051B1322 Pewter4051B1322 Pewter4051B1322 Pewter4080B1322 Steam4080B1322 Steam4080B1322 Steam4095B1322 Vault4095B1322 Vault4095B1322 Vault4135B1322 Castor Grey4135B1322 Castor Grey4135B1322 Castor Grey4164B1322 Dusk Storm4164B1322 Dusk Storm4164B1322 Dusk Storm4192B1322 Silver Sage4192B1322 Silver Sage4192B1322 Silver Sage4193B1322 Skylark Song4193B1322 Skylark Song4193B1322 Skylark Song4521B1322 Foggy Memories4521B1322 Foggy Memories4521B1322 Foggy Memories5009B1322 Reed Yellow5009B1322 Reed Yellow5009B1322 Reed Yellow5511B1322 Sun Orange5511B1322 Sun Orange5511B1322 Sun Orange6012B1322 Barn Red6012B1322 Barn Red6012B1322 Barn Red6029B1322 Lobster Tail6029B1322 Lobster Tail6029B1322 Lobster Tail6512B1322 Foxy Pink6512B1322 Foxy Pink6512B1322 Foxy Pink6520B1322 Cotton Candy6520B1322 Cotton Candy6520B1322 Cotton Candy6521B1322 Dusty Rose6521B1322 Dusty Rose6521B1322 Dusty Rose7010B1322 Imperial Purple7010B1322 Imperial Purple7010B1322 Imperial Purple7011B1322 Purple Candy7011B1322 Purple Candy7011B1322 Purple Candy7026B1322 Misty Lilac7026B1322 Misty Lilac7026B1322 Misty Lilac7032B1322 Shy Violet7032B1322 Shy Violet7032B1322 Shy Violet7036B1322 Your Majesty7036B1322 Your Majesty7036B1322 Your Majesty8046B1322 Blue Haze8046B1322 Blue Haze8046B1322 Blue Haze8067B1322 Sterling Blue8067B1322 Sterling Blue8067B1322 Sterling Blue8079B1322 Exotic Sea8079B1322 Exotic Sea8079B1322 Exotic Sea8092B1322 Sea Life8092B1322 Sea Life8092B1322 Sea Life9023B1322 Linden Green9023B1322 Linden Green9023B1322 Linden Green
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Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 118″ (300cm)
Weight: 3 oz/ln yd
Weight: 55 g/m2

Vertical Repeat: N/A
Horizontal Repeat: N/A
Direction: Railroaded

Abrasion: N/A
Pilling: N/A
Finish: N/A
Flammability: CAN/ULC-S109, NFPA 701
Care: WA
Brand: N/A

Country of Origin: Turkey

Collection: EMPIRE
Available in 69 Colours

Dye Lots: Exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed. Consistency of colour will depend on the fibre content of the fabric as well as the method and quality of pigments used for printing or dyeing. Colours may vary slightly from order to order and with sample hangers and books. Returns will not be accepted due to dye lot variations unless a swatch of the desired pattern and colour accompanies your order. .