Hope : B1274 Mystery

Plush, luxurious, casual, understated, elegant, durable & rich; describe velvet. Timeless, trendy, stylish, classic; describe velvet. Velvet is on trend: From fashion to footwear to furniture: For today & tomorrow. Pandora is a comprehensive 99 sku velvet collection, offering 3 distinct looks. Eternal offers a dry, flat finish, seemingly more urban and casual, Hope has a more lustrous face and softer hand, Desire is transitional and textured. Colours range from soft, subtle neutrals, to smokey greys & rich browns to deep saturated jewel tones. Did you know? Velvets are extremely durable with abrasion rating ranging from 50,000 – 100,000 double rubs, they are easy to maintain and can be spot cleaned. Velvet is a solid choice for custom drapery projects, decorative upholstery and stunning accessories. Velvet pairs perfectly with Nantucket’s traditional prints and Prism’s contemporary patterns. Complements the Nantucket & Prism Collections Suitable for drapery, bedding, upholstery, cushions and decorative accessories.