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Pattern: WISDOM

*Product note, this pattern was designed to have the “Weeping Willow Branches” drooping downwards, and the velvet pile running upwards. This gives the fabric the “rich/saturated” color when hanging in a drapery application.

Content: 82% Polyester, 18% Acrylic
Width: 54″ (137cm) – Embroidered usable width: 51″ (130cm)
Weight: 17 oz/ln yd
Weight: 380 g/m2

Vertical Repeat: V: 18.25″ (46.5cm)
Horizontal Repeat: H: 16.75″ (42.5cm)
Direction: Up The Roll
Weighted Hem: N/A

Abrasion: N/A
Pilling: N/A
Finish: N/A
Flammability: N/A
Care: P
Brand: N/A
Oeko-Tex Compliant: N/A

Suggested End Use: Drapery, Bedding, Cushions

Country of Origin: India

Collection: C.I. Nirvana
Available in 5 Colors

Available Colors


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Dye Lots : Exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed. Consistency of colour will depend on the fibre content of the fabric as well as the method and quality of pigments used for printing or dyeing. Colours may vary slightly from order to order and with sample hangers and books. Returns will not be accepted due to dyelot variations unless a swatch of the desired pattern and colour accompanies your order.

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