Spring / Summer 2020 Product Review


Soho is a library staple. Get yours today!

As the sun starts to feel warmer, flowers begin to bloom, and the birds begin to chirp louder. These are the signs that summer is just around the corner.

It inspires us to select fabrics that reflect the season and our moods. For us here at Alendel, Soho is the start of summer!

Soho is one of eight collections we released this spring. It’s a truly versatile collection that pairs beautifully with printed fabric accents (we recommended pairings it with prints from our Color Inspirations Collections: Moondance, Wildflower & Sandhill).  It’s a heavy weighted woven linen-like texture that is constructed in a blend of polyester, linen & cotton. Soho is the perfect furniture body cloth but is also suited to so many other applications. Drapery, bedding, cushions and other decorative accessories, including wall coverings, would all feature well.

Soho is part of our FibreGuard family. FibreGuard is the latest in stain-free technology, so no need to stress over spills, ink, food, or pet stains – they can all be removed with just soap and water.  FYI FibreGuard does not use any harmful chemicals to achieve these results. FibreGuard technology is built into the fabric, is not a treatment or an added finish. Its easy-clean properties will not diminish over time or use. FibreGuard also improves the fabrics’ overall performance. Including the fabric’s wearability including abrasion and pilling.

  • Soho is classified as heavy duty it passes over 150,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek Cotton Duck
  • Soho’s pilling results = Class 4
  • Flammability passes NFPA 260 Class 1 & Cal 117/SE
  • Soho is Oeko-Tex compliant

To add to Soho’s usability are the 31 saturated, rich shades. Colors range from the palest of neutrals, naturals, and minerals to rich reds and deep navies to bright yellows, pinks, greens, and oranges. There is literally something for every aesthetic.

Here are some pics from around the web that will fill your mind with inspiration! To link directly to our Soho page, click here.

Photo credits: Grey Sofa, Settee, Drapes, Cushions, Urban Seating, Bedding, Best Chair, Dining Room, Bedding

Not sure what Oeko-Tex Compliant is? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post that will explain what Oeko-Tex means, how a fabric becomes compliant and why it matters.

FibreGuard? Same questions? We will also address the benefits of FibreGuard in an upcoming post. Make sure to follow up on Instagram and we will post a notification when the info has been posted on our Blog!

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