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JULY COLOR ALERT® – Be Aware and Decisive CMG Color Alert Be Aware and Decisive


Life is not to be trifled with, so Be Aware and Decisive, in all that you do. These dual bright reds, heavy on the chroma and attitude, are exactly what the world needs to keep moving forward. Red tends to speak with purpose and power, and neither of these reds shies away from making a […]

What you didn’t know about colour

The original article was posted on May 13th, 2020 on BBC.com Unpredictable and accidental combinations are gaining currency in design and textiles. Dominic Lutyens explores a ‘new vocabulary’ of colour. Colour touches us all in different ways – we each tend to favour some over others, perhaps because they trigger emotional reactions or memories. We […]

Classic Blue

Image Credits: 1.Pantone Color Of The Year , 2. Classic Blue Velvet Arm Chairs, 3. Polka Dot Design , 4. Girl with Blue Eyes : Photo by Dhyamis Kleber from Pexels , 5. Navy Suit : Image by rawpixel.com